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PNC Park!

PNC Park Galvanizing Project.

PNC Park Galvanizing Project.
  • Date Galvanized: 2002
  • Sector: Recreation & Entertainment
  • Environment: Industrial
  • Attributes: Speed of Execution
  • City: Pittsburgh
  • State/Province: Pennsylvania
  • Country: USA

Galvanizing was the coating of choice for seven miles (11 kilometers) and 375 tons (340 tonnes) of handrail for the home of Pittsburgh Pirates, PNC Park. Turnaround time for hot-dip galvanizing usually is between 24 and 72 hours. Most construction project schedules are compressed, as was the case with PNC Park. Hot-dip galvanizing met the production and installation schedule based on quick turnaround time. Galvanizing worked well with the requirements of the contractors. Many pieces needed to be modified, cut and re-welded on site. In addition to the appealing contrast that galvanizing provides to the muted, dark navy and red brick colors, another vital reason why galvanizing was chosen for this project was economic. Initial costs for hot-dip galvanizing were quite competitive. However, maintenance costs over the life of the ballpark are virtually non-existent. Pittsburgh experiences harsh winters, hot summers, road de-icing salts, and wear-and-tear from sport fans watching baseball games. Hot-dip galvanizing is the best possible corrosion prevention systems to face these challenges head-on.

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