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Heritage Hill Farm- Fence Restoration!

Heritage Hill Farm- Fence Restoration Galvanizing Project.
  • Date Galvanized: 2003
  • Sector: Building & Architecture
  • Environment: Suburban
  • Attributes: Aesthetics
  • City: Kinsman
  • State/Province: Ohio
  • Country: USA

This picturesque farm property has been delineated by the same 400' of iron fence since 1857 and painted countless times. Falling into disrepair, the community faced the decision to replace or repair & paint. A creative engineer proposed to hot-dip galvanize and then repaint the old fence so that the frequency of painting would be minimized and the zinc coating would protect the fragile fence. Not exactly straightforward as most projects, the fence was meticulously disassembled, sandblasted, carefully cleaned (pickled) by the galvanizer prior to immersion in the zinc bath, galvanized and marked for installation. After installation, the intent was to wait 12 months and then paint the fence after the final protective zinc patina had formed. Surprisingly, the community overwhelmingly decided that the zinc coating was terrific looking and that no painting would be needed.

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