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Heinz Field!

Heinz Field Galvanizing Project.

Heinz Field Galvanizing Project.
  • Date Galvanized: 2002
  • Sector: Recreation & Entertainment
  • Environment: Industrial
  • Attributes: Low Initial Cost
  • City: Pittsburgh
  • State/Province: Pennsylvania
  • Country: USA

Two galvanizers performed the work, totaling in excess of 320 tons (290 tonnes). Numerous aspects of this project are not only visible to the public, but are also typically the first thing that fans see as they enter the stadium: access gates, hand railings and overhead transoms. The Pittsburgh Steelers new home at Heinz Field utilized hot-dip galvanizing because it provided the best balance between initial cost and longevity. The buff brick and light gray shades that dominate the outside color scheme of Heinz Field, further embellished by the attractive muted tones of galvanized steel, evoke memories of Pittsburgh's industrial past. Yet, the long-term protection provided by hot-dip galvanizing insures that there will be no more rust in this part of the rust belt.

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