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Champion Truck Bodies!

Champion Truck Bodies Galvanizing Project.

Champion Truck Bodies Galvanizing Project.
  • Date Galvanized: 2004
  • Sector: Original Equipment Manufacturing
  • Environment: Industrial
  • Attributes: Durability
  • City: Hermitage
  • State/Province: Pennsylvania
  • Country: USA

Champion Carrier Corp. has always used galvanizing on a few small parts on their roll back truck bodies. Recently, the truck company galvanized the truck bodies, including the frame and subframes, to fulfill an order in Europe. Champion decided to showcase one of the galvanized bodies on a truck locally. When customers saw the galvanized frames, they started to request galvanized truck beds. Champion and its customers knew the galvanized coating is better suited to withstand the abusive conditions in which the trucks operate. The use of the roll back trucks is abusive in itself, and many of the trucks are used in regions with harsh winters and salted roads. The galvanized coating increases the lifespan of the truck frames while requiring little or no-maintenance. About 40% of the trucks Champion produces now are built with galvanized frames and the customers are willing to pay a premium for the durable, corrosion protection afforded by galvanizing.

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