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Blossom Music Center!

Blossom Music Center Galvanizing Project.
  • Date Galvanized: 2003
  • Sector: Recreation & Entertainment
  • Environment: Suburban
  • Attributes: Aesthetics
  • City: Cuyahoga Falls
  • State/Province: Ohio
  • Country: USA

Located in scenic Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the Blossom Music Center, home to dozens of music festivals and concerts every year. The 2003 renovation project was designed by renowned landscape architects Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. With the directive that durability and appearance were primary considerations, the project architect chose hot-dip galvanized handrail to guide the pedestrians with distinct pathways that also blend into the lush natural surroundings. The design created a strong organic handrail system that withstands the harsh winter off-season months and seemingly disappears into the background during the verdant months of spring and summer when thousands of visitors descend upon the center to be entertained.

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